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Opower, in partnership with Facebook and NRDC

Save energy with your friends.

See how your energy use stacks up against friends and homes across the US. Join groups and discover how you can save even more.

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See how your energy use stacks up against similar homes. Try it!


Check how your energy use ranks against your friends' each month.


Share and explore great energy saving tips and advice.


Work with your friends to compete and hit savings goals.

Opower connects with utilities

Opower connects with energy companies to automagically pull in your usage so that you can easily compare, compete, and discover. Currently participating utilities include:

  • Austin Utilities (Minnesota)
  • Burbank Water & Power
  • Chugach Electric Association
  • Clark Public Utilities
  • Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)
  • Connexus Energy
  • Consumers Energy
  • Direct Energy
  • Glendale Water & Power
  • Hawaii Energy
  • Loveland Water and Power
  • National Grid
  • Owatonna Public Utilities
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • City of Palo Alto Utilities
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • Rochester Public Utilities
  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)
What the heck is Opower?

Opower works with utilities around the world to help their customers make smarter decisions about their energy use.

Together, we've already helped people save tens of millions of dollars on their energy bills and in the process stopped more than a billion tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.